Does Your State Care?
In 2003, Mike Greiner was blessed to receive a life saving kidney/pancreas transplant. His family knows what it's like to wait for a phone call that determines if you will live. They also know if everyone in America signed up as an organ donor, the 110,000+ people currently waiting for a transplant wouldn't need to. More importantly, the 19 people who die every day waiting might survive.

If everyone took 8 minutes or less to sign up, the problem could be solved.

So in April 2010, the Greiners sold their home and began traveling to each state challenging them in the My State Cares Contest to register the most organ/tissue donors in one day. A year later, over 50,000 people had signed up on the My State Cares Contest Dates! You can check out some of the Greiner adventures across the country by clicking on NEWS above.

We'll also keep you updated on the Greiner's new media and book projects. Stay tuned! Oh, and if you're wondering where the Greiner's ended up - just check out which state won the "Best Place to Live" on the AWARDS page.

But first - click on your state on the right and save up to eight (or nine!) lives some day just by registering as an organ/tissue donor!

Need More?
For more information about saving lives by becoming a registered donor, visit Donate Life America.
For more information and statistics about transplants, visit our friends at UNOS.
Every State is Different
Click on your state below to be taken to the specific website or form required by your state to sign up as an organ/tissue donor. 8 minutes later, you'll have made the choice to be someone's hero one day. Well done.
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