The Plan...

It all started in 2004.

We wrote the governors in each state looking for information. In many cases, no one responded to us. In some cases, we're not sure what is being responded to, but you can see what we received back by clicking on a state below.

In addition to the letters, we also received brochures for the state in almost every case. You'll notice in many of the larger states, we were passed along to the tourism bureau while the smaller states had a nice personal touch.

Our award for the most generous state goes to New York which sent T-shirts...very nice. Wyoming wins the most informative reply. Our award for the strangest governor goes to...well you'll see for yourself:

Alabama Arizona Arkansas
Connecticut Florida Georgia
Idaho Indiana Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Minnesota Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wyoming

Then we waitied. We saved money. The kids grew to an appropriate age, and then in April 2010 we sold our house and...the Trip Began!

The Trip Begins!

You can follow us around beginning in Colorado with the maps below. Enlarge them to make it easier. After visiting all these great places, we'll be honest - we're ready to do it again!

View Our Travel Maps in a larger version

View Our Travel Maps in a larger version

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